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Re: Package System specification

* Jochem Huhmann (joh@gmx.net) [000414 16:00]:
> Yes. What is "RPM"? It is a tool, but a tool that only works as expected
> if the dependencies work. SuSE and Redhat and whatnot are using RPM. So
> can you just install rpms for SuSE on Redhat or vice versa? No, you
> can't. 

Neither SuSE nor RedHat are LSB compliant.  Nobody is yet.  

If you standardize where things go (which is one of the things LSB does),
then AFAIK, a single RPM packages should behave the same on both SuSE and
RedHat when SuSE and RedHat become LSB compliant.  

If at that point, you STILL get different results when you try to install
the same RPM file on both, then I would guess the problem is that LSB failed
to be specific enough about which files are necessary, and where files or
links should be located.

Someone please correct me if I have this wrong.


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