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Looking to work with you

 I came upon your web site as a result of a metacrawler search. I am the
 Business Development Officer for DigitalMen.com.  I am looking to create
 relationships with web sites with similar demographics as ours.  My goal is to
 create e-commerce and banner ad exchanges. Our site is
 http://www.digitalmen.com . I did a search using the key word "Sports" and your
 site came up.  I would appreciate it if you could review our site and let me
 know if you feel there would synergy between our sites. 
 Our site was conceived and developed as a comprehensive Internet destination
 site for one of the largest and most lucrative target markets online - men
 aged 18 - 50. Intending to be the ultimate Internet resource for men, DM
 provides an "edgy" environment, graphically rich and bold in design in
 accordance with current tastes of the 18 to 50 demographic.
 We are looking to do our grand opening the end of this month . With
 a combination of a national radio advertisement campaign and recent signing of
 a celebrity spokesman, I believe the traffic and exposure from the site will
 be extraordinary.  With the timing of the opening I would like to create any
 relationships before the grand opening
 The DigitalMen.com web site is comprised of twelve "channels", each
 representing a general subject popular among men. These channels are: Toys,
 Women, Style, Money, Debauchery, Health, Sports, News, Entertainment, Travel,
 and the Digital Men Marketplace.  I would very much like to work something out with
you and our sports channel.
 Inside each channel, men find an assortment of articles, surveys, and
 editorials-- consistent with the enduring themes of men's interest. These
 concisely written product reviews and lifestyle features serve as quick
 reference for the male consumer, delivering pertinent information with wry
 humor, at the same time providing links to more in-depth resources and
 valuable online shopping opportunities.
 After reviewing our site please e-mail me if we can work together.  I there is
 an individual that you feel I should speak to at your organization please
 forward the name to me and I will respond at once. I am available 9-6 pacific
 Thank you for your consideration
 Steve Samblis
 e-mail address steve@digitalmen.com

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