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Re: Package System specification

On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, David Cantrell wrote:

> >Actually if anything its too simple since it lacks a couple of the handy
> >Debian 'maybe you also want' type items right now. RPM also offers very
> >important stuff like cryptographically strong verification of packages.
> And you only gain these features on a 100% RPM-based system.  So what's
> the point?

The point is that the vast majority of people andvendors _want_ these
features.  If your distribution doesn't support features like dependencies
and signed packages that's fine - use rpm2cpio to just get the files.

Oh, also, this isn't about standardizing on RPM the package manager,
complete with database - this is about standardizing on the _format_ - you
can easily convert the RPM format to Debian packages or tarballs.  IIRC
'alien' will even preserve the dependencies for Debian (but don't quote me
on that).


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