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Re: [li18nux:431] Call for review: LI18NUX2000 spec draft (fwd)

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > FYI, we should look at how to include or reference some of this.
> That assumes its any good.

Of course. I was thinking more process-wise.

> Its worrying that this is the first the kernel
> developers have heard of this.

There's supposed to be someone from several different development groups
listening in at li18nux. (I know Ulrich is). If there isn't a kernel person,
I can certainly point this out.
> For reference the kernel uses UTF8 and supports UTF8 consoles and UTF8 file
> namings. We support mapping foreign file systems to UTF8 for 8bit sets.
> The 2.2.16 kernel release will support mapping for 16bit code pages

Reading quickly, I didn't see anything that explicitly touches this, although
there are probably several things that do so implicitely.


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