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Re: Thread deficiencies

> Let me be more clear.   I would like to suggest that the Linux threads be
> "waivered" until POSIX threads are implemented and tested...   The goal

That seems foolish. They work.

> GNU/Linux systems; however, what happens when Debian releases a GNU/Hurd
> system?   Also, Intel UNIX systems like SCO, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and
> NetBSD have a GNU/Linux emulation mode, and it is possible to run NetScape
> and WordPerfect with a proper sandbox of GNU (ie., LSB) libraries; however,
> it would not be possible to run Linux threaded applications like
> StarOffice.  Pthreads provide the portability and runtime compatibility
> between GNU systems with potentially different kernels.

If they have a linux environment they support clone. If they dont support
clone they are lying when they claim to have a linux compatible sandbox.
Linux emulations on BSD get this right already - nobody else has any excuses.

In addition packages already use the clone features, so we need to specify them.
Trying to bury a Linux feature so you can implement poor compatibility with
Linux is just crap. 

What exactly is your agenda for trying to kill off clone() ? Easy Linux
emulation in AIX?


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