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LSB test suites candidates


As a follow on from this weeks meeting:
for your information, the two test suites that we have presently
available/under development as candidates for LSB testing are as follows:

VSX-PCTS -  the Open Group's POSIX Conformance test suite, presently
version 4.4.4 , last updated December 1999. This tests for
POSIX.1-1990 compliance.

LBS-FHS , the FHS 2.0 test suite, last updated December 1999. This
will need updating to FHS2.1 when that spec is done.

These are both available under the Artistic License from
(and ftp://ftp.xopen.org/pub/lsb/test/ )

The most recent changes  allow these to be merged together into
a single meta suite.

We will be looking for more feedback in running these on Linux implementations
and will be starting more discussions on the lsb-test mailing list shortly.
If you are willing/interested in getting involved please drop me a line.


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