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Re: Thread deficiencies

> >  2) 'ps' shows every thread in a process.
> Not a bug
> >  8) rlimit information isn't common to all threads in a
> >     single process.
> Thats a good point. That one needs kernel help I think

I think a few of these need that, indeed.  It's not that clone() isn't
a good interface -- in many ways it's cleaner -- but it isn't what the
world have chosen to go with.  Therefore I think we need to get the
necessary stuff into the kernel to support the pthreads model with
good efficiency, regardless of the elegance or lack thereof.  I have a
couple of ideas for what we could do in the kernel to improve the
current situation; I need to do a little more research but I'll try to
get this as quickly as possible.


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