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Re: LSB specification meeting information

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Al Guerra wrote:

> Is there an agenda or outline of what will be discussed at the meeting?
> I'd like to be prepared and as productive as possible. 

Currently, the agenda is as follows:

Sunday: Start 1:00 pm

Explanation of Spec strategy
	spec & test relationship
	criteria for inclusion in standard
	application impact - IBM
Library Naming Standard
	Review previous decision & why this has come up again
	Pro's & cons for each choice
The spec, section by section
	Object Format - every bit counts
		Missing descriptions
	Base Libraries
		Where to get docs on un-standard functions?
		Review of interface lists
	Utility Libraries
		Which Libraries to include?
		libcrypt export issues?
	Graphics Libraries
		Report onthe OpenGL work
	Software Installation
		What do we use???
		Supporting patches - IBM, Metro Link
	Commands & utilities
		Review current list
	System Initialization
		review conformance plans of distributions

Dinner: 8:00pm

Mon: Start 9:00 am

Conf Call AI review
	What outstanding actions are there
Referenced Standards
	FHS - finalize 2.1
Branding (time permitting)


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