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Re: /usr/sbin/sendmail specification proposal, draft 3

Raul Miller <raul@usatoday.com> writes:

> Note that almost always you don't want to precisely follow RFC 821 here
> -- RFC 821 specifies \r\n line boundaries, but unix pipes almost always
> want \n line boundaries.
> Sendmail deals with this by silently discarding \r and respecting
> unix line boundaries.
> I don't know if there are any other "expected deviations" from 821.


It looks like sendmail only discards the \r if it precedes a \n.
Otherwise, it is preserved.  Therefore, I added this note:

    Note that RFC 821 specifies \r\n (CR-LF) line boundaries, but Unix
    pipes almost always use \n (LF) line boundaries.  To deal with
    this, agents will accept both \r\n and \n as line boundaries.


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