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Re: /usr/sbin/sendmail specification proposal

På 1999-Nov-23 klokka 18:04:41 -0800 skrivet Daniel Quinlan:

: ------- start of cut text --------------
:      -t        Read message for recipients. To:, Cc:, and Bcc: lines will
:                be scanned for people to send to.  The Bcc: line will be
:                deleted before transmission.  Any addresses in the
:                argument list will be suppressed.

Need to be careful with this one.  Note this bit from the exim-3.0x
`Specification' manual:

  -t option
  When Exim is receiving a locally-generated, non-SMTP message on the
  current input, the `-t' option causes the recipients of the message to
  be obtained from the `To:', `Cc:', and `Bcc:' headers in the message
  instead of from the command arguments. The addresses are extracted
  before any rewriting takes place.
  If there are in fact any arguments, they specify addresses to which the
  message is not to be delivered. That is, the argument addresses are
  removed from the recipients list obtained from the headers. This is
  compatible with Smail 3 and in accordance with the documented behaviour
  of Sendmail. However, it has been reported that in some versions at
  least, Sendmail adds argument addresses to those obtained from the
  headers. Exim can be made to behave in this way by setting the option
  `extract_addresses_remove_arguments' false.

Anyone know of a case where the underlined above is true for Sendmail?

jim knoble

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