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Re: PROPOSAL: API for device locking library.

> Security issues are still open, but the intent to proposing it to LSB is
> not to "freeze an implementation", but only one API, leaving
> implementation details undefined.

Its important you freeze an API only after the implementation is in active
use and enough applications have been ported that you can be happy with it.

> The goal is to have all applications that want to lock a device load a
> library with a certain name, and use the functions defined in this API.
> Then each vendor is free to supply his own solution, as far as it comply
> with the API, permitting even binary-only applications to use the
> library.

Yes. I support this wholeheartedly but its a bad idea to set a standard
until its demonstrably functioning well. Thats why TCP/IP works and OSI doesnt

If there are working implementations and people using them fine on whole
systems (ie screen/minicom/mgetty/.. are all patched for the library and it
works nicely) then I withdraw any objection

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