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Re: [PATCH] latest ash has broken 'echo' command

On Oct 22, 12:28pm in "Re: [PATCH] latest a", Alan Cox wrote:
> > > If `echo -n' isn't guaranteed by the LSB, we probably should get rid of
> > > from maintainer scripts. :-/
> >
> > It *may* be a good idea to switch to printf in the long run, but I would
> > have been much happier if SUS didn't break echo in the first place.
> Its much better than this.
> SUS says -n is invalid and not allowed but you must support \c etc
> POSIX says -n is valid and that you must not support \c
> GNU appears to be going POSIX
The latest draft of POSIX 1003.1 now has the escape sequences
mandated ... (of course things could still change before the spec
is finalised).


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