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Re: Specification meeting

"Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo" <jkaivo@ndn.net> writes:

> It may be worth taking a poll to see where people are geographically
> distributed to determine the best place for such a meeting. Personally,
> I am in Aberdeen, WA, US (call it Olympia if you need to, or Seattle if
> that helps).

I can guarantee that the "best place" for *everyone* is where they are
located or a place they would like to visit (near friends, family, Linux
conferences, skiing, the tropics), but because Linux community is very
spread out, so the decision should be made on other criteria such as
cost, hotel and meeting location cost/availability, and how many people
can make it.  But, it is only really helpful to be near the meeting
location if you can comfortably commute to the meeting.  Once you have to
stay in a hotel, it's not as helpful to be near.

As an extreme example, if we had a meeting between a bunch of people in
California and Washington, does that mean we should hold it in Oregon?
No, you alternate betwen the two.

Anyway, the best options currently are:

 1. New York, prior to The Bazaar and/or LinuxWorld
 2. Bay Area (highest number of commuter-type participants (Transmeta,
    Cygnus, VA Linux, LinuxCare, any other people in Silicon Valley),
    free meeting location at many places: an IBM customer briefing center
    in Cupertino, Transmeta, etc.)
 3. Raleigh (another IBM center, near Red Hat and somewhat near both
    Dale and Stuart)

Since we had the last LSB face-to-face in the Bay Area, I'm leaning
towards New York.  It's a little bit closer for the European folks and
some people may already be going.  But, I won't complain if people want
to meet in the Bay Area.  The weather is nicer here, after all.  ;-)


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