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Re: shared font directory and font installation

På 1999-Sep-15 klokka 14:00:34 +0100 skrivet Alan Cox:

: Add
: /usr/lib/fonts/

Don't forget to leave room for non-package-managed fonts in
/usr/local/share/fonts/ and /usr/local/lib/fonts/.  

: This shall be used in the same manner as /usr/share/fonts save that architecture
: specific fonts shall be stored. Architecture neutral fonts must not go into
: /usr/share
Obviously Alan meant that architecture-specific fonts must not go in

Also, how should X11 fonts (BDF, PCF) fit into this scheme?  They've
traditionally lived in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ (or
/usr/lib/X11/fonts/).  Perhaps a symlink from there to
/usr/share/fonts/ ought to be specified explicitly for backward

Also, should there be any provision for putting compressed fonts in a
slightly different location from uncompressed ones (or from ones
compressed with a different method)?  X11 doesn't currently do that....

: Search Order
: Compliant font libraries should search both archives for fonts. The
: search order is library speciic.
: Some font systems perform faster with native formatted copies of a font so
: it is desirable to use those in preference. Other font systems see no benefit
: and those benefit from /usr/share being used first to get the same precise
: revision as other machines on a network
: Finally some font systems have versioning rules of their own. 
: Alan

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