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Re: PROPOSAL: init file actions (draft 5)

jmknoble@pobox.com (Jim Knoble)  wrote on 24.06.99 in <19990624161130.B4351@ntrnet.net>:

> På 1999-Jun-24 klokka 12:23:59 -0700 skrivet Daniel Quinlan:
> : I don't think it would be a good idea to switch away from the current
> : (Debian) practice in this way.  It doesn't really buy you anything
> : except less typing or a slightly different way to handle it.
> ... except that it makes more sense, and now's the chance to get it
> right.

Don't you mean *less* sense?

I don't see how calling a "restart" action "reload" can reasonably be  
called "right".

MfG Kai

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