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Re: specification for adding users and groups

I  usually  do the VSX setup using scripts based on the useradd and groupadd
scripts  (on SVR4 systems). I think this did work on Redhat.


On Jun 3,  9:43am in "Re: specification fo", Dale Scheetz wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> > [ I am Cc-ing lsb-discuss, but if you're interested in any of the
> >   specification details, you should really join the lsb-spec list. ]
> >
> > One of the items on the list of things that needs to be specified is a
> > standard way for LSB applications to add (and remove?) users and groups
> > to an LSB system.  Before I seek a volunteer for working on the
> > specification, is there agreement that this is needed?  Will some
> > applications need to add users and groups?  Can we solve the problem in
> > a way that makes sense (even on a large network)?
> The TETWare based POSIX test suite from TOG wants to have 4 specific users
> created when it installs, each with their own unique group (not the user
> name). The Debian adduser utility normally creates each new user as the
> sole member of a new group with the same name as the user. Although you
> can specify tha group name for this new user, or add the new user to
> another group. The complications created are not yet clear to me. On the
> one hand, I can create only the user names and group names needed by test
> suite, leaving out the Debian defaults for the user's group; or I can
> create a standard Debian user, and add them to the group specified by the
> test suite. This adds an additional, superfluous, and possibly
> conflicting, group name to the mix of groups under test. I don't have
> enought close experience with the test suite to know how it would be
> effected by these differences. I _is_ on my agenda.
> Waiting is,
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