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AW: FHS pre-2.1 draft #1 on web site

The recommandation in chapter "3.10 /sbin" at page 14 is IMO
contraproductive to the required file "init", because _ANY_ user may
shutdown the system :-<<<. So it is a "security" hole, and this
recommandation should be erased.
It is IMO better to [sym]link commands in /sbin to /usr/bin when they
_really_ should be accessible to everybody.

Chapter "4.8.2 /usr/share/man" should mention a symlink /usr/man ->
/usr/share/man for backward-compatibility with older installations.

I'd like to see a note in the rationale part of chapter "5.2.2
/var/cache/man" that, for backward-compatibility, a symlink /var/catman ->
/var/cache/man is allowed.


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