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LSB-FHS test suite V1.0

After beta testing for a couple of months I have delta'd a set of
changes (mainly bug fixes) and have released a 1.0 release of the
LSB-FHS test suite which tests the filesystem hierarchy aspects of the LSB.
I attach a copy  of the release note below. I expect to revise a bunch of
the tests when FHS 2.1 appears.

As ever bug reports are welcome.

                                 The Open Group
                             LSB-FHS Release 1.0
                                 Release Notes

This document provides Release notes for the Verification suite for the
Filesystem Hierarchy aspects of the Linux Standard Base.

1. Release Overview

LSB-FHS 1.0  is the general availability  release of this test suite.
LSB-FHS is built using the VSXgen (the generic VSX test framework), and
contains tests for the Filesystem Hierarchy aspects of the Linux
Standard Base.

This test suite has not yet been adopted by the Linux Standard Base team
and no claims should be made of LSB conformance to this version of the
test suite.  The test assertions being tested are in the file

It is expected that certain test cases will be revised when the next
version of the Filesystem Hierarchy Specification is finalised.  This
version of the test suite is aligned with FHS 2.0.

1.1  Changes since the last release

The following changes have been made since the last

	Bug fix changes have been made, see the CHANGES file for details.

2. Release Contents

The release consists of the following files.

lsb-fhs-1.0.tgz           The source code to the suite in gzip'd tar format
lsb-fhs-gde.ps.Z          The Users Guide in compressed postscript
lsb-fhs-gde.pdf           The Users Guide in PDF format
lsb-fhs-relnote.ps        These release notes

3. Obtaining TET

LSB-FHS runs under TET3. A suitable version of TET3 (the unsupported release of
TETware) can be obtained at:


TET3 must be configured  to build  as  the Lite version .  Do not use
the Distributed version.  For more information on TET , see
http://tetworks.opengroup.org .

4. Documentation

LSB-FHS includes a User's Guide which provides comprehensive information
on the installation, configuration and use of LSB-FHS. Please consult
this guide for assistance with LSB-FHS use. Appendix A contains a
checklist of the steps needed to configure, install and run the LSB-FHS
test suite.

5. Support

Support related questions and problem reports should be directed to by
email to ajosey@rdg.opengroup.org.

6. Size

The size of LSB-FHS when the  suite is built is approximately 10MB.  The
size of the compressed distribution is roughly 1 MB. When running the
complete test suite, journal files will be produced that are typically
less than 1MB in length, so its recommended that at least 20MB of disk
space be allowed for a test campaign.

7. Time

The test suite takes approximately 30 minutes to run depending on the
speed of the platform under test

Prepared by The Open Group

See the Licence file included in the distribution for licensing
information.  At the moment this is the Artistic License.  The Open
Group intends to change the license to that recommended by the Linux
Standard Base team.

Copyright   1999 The Open Group

Motif, OSF/1, X/Open, The "X Device" and UNIX are registered trademarks,
and the IT Dialtone, The Open Group and the X Window System are
trademarks of The Open Group.

POSIX is a registered trademark of the IEEE.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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