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New Run Level...

Robert Current wrote:
> Like maybe:
> 0 - halt
> 1 - single user - un-networked
> 2 - multiuser - un-networked
> 3 - single user - networked (would be new, security risk, running as
> root networked, unadvized.  Therefore, I would suggest leaving this as
> the unused one. But for logic sake, unused should be 3)
> 4 - multiuser networked
> 5 - X multiuser networked (previously XDM, but with other options,
> should just be a generic X multiuser networked now)
> 6 - Reboot
> Logical, and conforms to several de-facto standards... ?

I suppose I should be more clear about why I think single user networked
should be a reserved space.

There are some Linux projects that run like this, for example, the Linux
Router Project.  It boots, it starts right into a root shell, single
user.  And it requires networking.  They are very security concious (so,
although it's not for everyone, some people are working like this, and
know what they are doing).

Just so you know...  I didn't just make up the idea, some people have
need for it.

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