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Re: PROPOSAL: Cron jobs (draft 2)

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> It is recommended that files installed in any of these directories be
> scripts (shell scripts, Perl scripts, etc.) so that they may be
> modified by the local system administrator. In addition, they must be
> registered as configuration file.

If they aren't scripts, registering them as config files doesn't make any

I wonder if this whole paragraph is necessary? This isn't meant to be a
style guide after all.

> The scripts in these directories have to check, if all necessary
> programs are installed before they try to execute them. Otherwise,
> problems will arise when a package was removed (but not purged), since
> the configuration files are kept on the system in this situation.

This last paragraph seems to be dpkg dependent.


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