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running missed cron jobs

We lack the right way to handle anacron in the LSB.  There should be
a way to configure whether each script should be run if missed (due
to downtime, presumably).  Running none or all is not ideal, but
perhaps acceptable.  Putting the information in the cron job itself
is not a good option, if we really want to allow non-shell scripts.
A configuration file under /etc/cron.* is also a bad idea.

Maybe /etc/cron.config/<package-name> where <package-name> is a
configuration file containing the filename of the cron job (example:
"/etc/cron.daily/<package-name") and whether it should be run if

Or perhaps /etc/cron.missed/<package-name> where the contents are
simply the filename of a cron job to be run if missed.

Other options: changing the cron job format (can it be done in a
compatible, but sensible way?) or ignoring the issue completely.

Any thoughts?

- Dan

P.S. I just noticed at least one mistake in draft 2 of the Cron job
spec.  It still talks about using /etc/cron.d for running jobs more
often than daily, even though we now have cron.hourly.  It should
just talk about running jobs at intervals other than hourly, daily,

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