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REQUIREMENTS: LSB rc script installer (draft 2)

I tried to incorporate all of the comments posted to lsb-spec.  Some
of the comments (especially regarding grouping of dependencies and rc
files) were a little ahead of where I am, but I tried to modify the
requirements list in a way to avoid limiting the design of the system.

Please let me know if you have any comments.

Second draft

Overall requirement:

     Must provide interoperability between distributions for an
     application installing rc scripts.  ISVs should never need to know
     the boot script order or worry about distribution differences.

Additional requirements:

 1. start sequence ordering that is based on names, not numbers
 2. must be extensible
 3. rc files are run, not sourced
 4. well-defined standard runlevels, including at least one
    user-defined one, and installed programs can default to being
    on/off in that user-defined runlevel 
 5. internationalization (how does this affect rc files?)
 6. define standard run level mappings (1 = halt, etc.)
 7. logging requirements for rc scripts
 8. actions that scripts must support
 9. stdout/stderr format that scripts must use
10. easy to administer and use
11. if 6 runlevels aren't enough, more need to be supported

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