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Re: [PROPOSAL] Cron jobs

> > Another thread.  This is a major part of the LSB specification.
> > All someone needs to do is write a proposal.
> How do people feel about using the iBCS2 list of utilities for a base point ?
> (thats
> 	cat, cd, chgrp, chmod, chown, cmp, cp , cpio, date, dd, df
> 	echo, ed, ex, expr, false, find, grep, id, kill, line, ln,
> 	logname, lp, ls, mkdir, mv, passwd, pg, pr, pwd, rm, rmdir,
> 	sed, sh, sleep, sort, stty, su, tail, tar, tee, test, touch,
> 	tr, true, tty, umask, uname, uucp, uulog, uustat, uux, vi, wait
> 	who
> )
> Obviously its a bit out for our needs (ex, vi, uu*) and short adduser, 
> install. But it seems a good base to discuss from

Wouldn't XCU or the Single Unix specification be a better starting


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