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Re: [PROPOSAL] Cron jobs


On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> ------- start of proposal --------------
> Cron jobs 
> Packages may not touch the configuration file /etc/crontab, nor may
> they modify the files in /var/spool/cron/crontabs.


> If a package wants to install a job that has to be executed via cron,
> it should place a file with the name if the package in one of the
> following directories:
>             /etc/cron.daily
>             /etc/cron.weekly
>             /etc/cron.monthly
> As these directory names say, the files within them are executed on a
> daily, weekly, or monthly basis, respectively.
> If a certain job has to be executed more frequently than `daily,' the
> package should install a file /etc/cron.d/<package-name> tagged as
> configuration file. This file uses the same syntax as /etc/crontab and
> is processed by cron automatically. (Note, that scripts in the
> /etc/cron.d directory are not handled by anacron. Thus, you should
> only use this directory for jobs which may be skipped if the system is
> not running.)
> All files installed in any of these directories have to be scripts

does "these" include /etc/cron.d ?  I think, this is wrong.

> (shell scripts, Perl scripts, etc.) so that they can easily be
> modified by the local system administrator. In addition, they have to
> be registered as configuration file.
> The scripts in these directories have to check, if all necessary
> programs are installed before they try to execute them. Otherwise,
> problems will arise when a package was removed (but not purged), since
> the configuration files are kept on the system in this situation.
> ------- end ----------------------------
> Suggested modifications:
>  - replace should with shall (makes sense for all cases)
>  - all scripts must be XPG3 Shell compliant scripts, using a
>    standard location for XPG3 Shell to be determined

why?  imho /etc/cron.daily/* simply has to be an executable.  But it's not
so important for me.

> Open questions:
>  - do we require anacron in the standard base system?

I think not. We (SuSE) have a script for /etc/cron.*, that works with
lastrun files.  That means, it is not neccessary, to run the machine 24x7.

Together with an crontab entry like

  0 0 * * *      root  rm -f /var/cron/lastrun/cron.daily

there will be no time shifting problem...

>  - if anacron, should there be a configuration option (for any package
>    cron job to disable/enable anacron operation)?
>  - if anacron, should scripts in /etc/cron.d be handled by anacron?
>  - do we use the above system or an "install-cron" program wrapper?

I like the above system very much more than an install-cron wrapper.


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