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Re: shells present on an LSB system

On Dec 17, 12:14am in "Re: shells present o", Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> Andrew Josey <ajosey@rdg.opengroup.org> writes:
> > Solaris 7 (UNIX 98), looks like /bin/sh is the System V shell (aka
> > XPG3 sh) note the conformant sh is in /usr/xpg4/bin/sh
> Could you clarify XPG4 vs. XPG3 with regard to the shell, since
> Solaris puts their XPG3 conformant shell in /usr/xpg4?
hi Dan
Not sure if you made a typo there, but
Solaris places their XPG4 (aka POSIX.2 / aka UNIX 95 / aka UNIX 98)
shell in /usr/xpg4.

The default shell /bin/sh on Solaris is what i would call an
XPG3 Shell (aka Bourne Shell, aka the System V shell). The system
I'm using (Redhat 5.1) at the moment has /bin/sh -> bash which appears
to behave what I would classify as the System V shell.

I've placed a paper on the main differences between the shells at


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