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more comments on 02-Nov-1998 draft (Table 6-3 plus...)

Hi again,

Attached are some additional comments on the 02-Nov-1998 online draft

Reference: Table 6-3 POSIX.2 Library Functions


The spec omits several of the POSIX.2 C language binding functions.
It also includes strftime() incorrectly as a POSIX.2 library function.

Add globfree, wordexp, wordfree to table 6-3

Remove strftime (Its from ISO C) (this error
also occurs in http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/POSIX.2.html ).

Reference: errno definition

Problem: I'm not sure what the format of this spec denotes, but
don't think we want to define error as
int errno; as that precludes threaded implementations
that define it as a modifiable lvalue returning an int.
The latter definition  is also consistent with ISO C and with POSIX.1-1996

Action: consider clarifying the requirement

Reference: missing aio.h ?

Problem: POSIX defines the asynchronous i/o functions
aio_return(), aio_read(), aio_write() etc as returning
ENOSYS if they are not supported, so we may want to include
the definitions in <aio.h> and the stubs since the standard
is aligning with a version of POSIX that includes the requirement

Action: consider adding <aio.h> and the stubs for POSIX conformance
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