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Re: ia32 machine types in nALFS

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 07:20, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> We rooted out an obscure issue that was
> making the <cond test="arch"> not work.
> The checkins I made this morning may or
> may not conceptually the "the right way"
> to solve it, but it's the simplest fix
> I could think of (see postscript for note
> on what this issue was).
> Now that the cond stuff works, we still
> need an answer on the ia32 architecture,
> where there are several different answers
> given when asking what the machine type is
> (i486, i686, others).  Smells to me like
> those all ought to be equivalent from
> the point of view of the xml.  How can
> we accomplish this?

Stuart's suggestion, and I think it is the right one, is to have a mapping 
table defined in nALFS.  So when it sees 'i486' it returns 'ia32' or 'x86'.

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