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RE: (impl) newer packages

> Is there are breakdown of what packages are in each phase?

It's in the xml :-)

Here's a shot at it:

bootstrap, intermediate (phase2): whatever's
needed to proceed

MAKEDEV glibc gcc binutils
make patch mktemp ncurses db3
findutils gawk zlib groff m4
bash file gettext diffutils fileutils
grep gzip procps psmisc sed sh-utils
which shadow sysvinit tar cpio
textutils util-linux man bc rsync
rpm lpr dummy-mta cron at time xfree86

phase4 - tentative:
netkit-base (for inetd), netkit-telnet (for telnetd)
e2fsprogs (for test setup - mke2fs, tune2fs),
sysklogd (for syslogd)

kernel, modutils, lilo (for ia32), elilo (for ia64)
(unknown bootloader for ppc32)

user-mode linux kernel

boot scripts

Also: some build assistance is needed from other
packages, but these have to be in the base, not
in phase 4 - see other email; they could build
in phase 4 and install into lsbsi-intermediate,
or they could build as part of phase 2

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