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(impl) things needed by phase 4

So, another "philosophy" question:

the linux kernel in 4b needs modutils in
the build area, in other words, in
lsbsi-intermediate, in order to build

the ia64 bootloader, elilo, needs
gnu-efi in the build area

these could probably be worked around
with some difficulty, i.e. pointing
the dependencies to an appropriate
place within the phase 4 area being
built, or maybe even an unsinstalled
parallel directory (i.e. /usr/src/xxx)
I haven't looked to see if this
requires surgery or just something
like configure options

or they could just be added to phase 2

or they could be built into phase 2
during phase 4, by using a plain
make install instead of a make install
that points to /mnt/whatever

any preferences?

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