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New nALFS features

For those working with the XML of either the application battery, or the
LSB-SI, please update your nALFS source (src/tools/nALFS), and rebuild and

The two new features are

1) A new "nofail" option on the package node. This will initially be useful for
	the application battery to assist in a nightly build. If something
	breaks, it won't prevent the later application from being built.

2) A new conditional node. Initially, the only test type supported is "arch".
	This can be used to seperate architecture specific areas, such as
	applying a patch or even building something. Future test types will
	include "fexists" to test for the existance of a file.

A quick (non-sensical) example shows the syntax for these new features

*** apache.xml  8 Aug 2002 23:15:41 -0000       1.2
--- apache.xml  10 Sep 2002 18:51:12 -0000
*** 1,7 ****
--- 1,22 ----
+       <options>nofail</options>

+       <cond test="arch">
+               <ppc32>
+                       <execute>
+                               <command>/bin/touch</command>
+                               <param>/tmp/ppc32</param>
+                       </execute>
+               </ppc32>
+               <default>
+                       <execute>
+                               <command>/bin/touch</command>
+                               <param>/tmp/defvalue</param>
+                       </execute>
+               </default>
+       </cond>


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