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glibc patches

I've checked in the set of glibc patches,
and updated the entities/package file with
the new names.  There are now these patches:

gcc32 - compile with gcc 3.2
lsb - lsb conformance issues
ia64 - Itanium changes
ppc32 - Powerpc changes

While the lsb and ia64 patchfiles are still
bundles that contain several changes, there is
at least now a commentary section at the top
describing what files are changed and why.

Note that as of right now, the build itself
is not updated: the glibc.xml files will
only apply the gcc-2.2.5.ia64.patch file,
which *used* to be the rollup patch, but
now (if you take it from the patches directory
in cvs) is only the Itanium-specific patch.

Thus, to build correctly, use the *old*
gcc-2.2.5.ia64.patch file, the one that's
not in CVS, but is only available off the
ftp site.

I'll sync up the whole mess when I've had
a chance to test it.  Right now, if you
have a working build, it will stay working
as long as you don't copy the glibc patches
from the cvs tree.


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