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Meeting topics

I'd like to gather a checklist of meeting topics
for today so we can continue to make progress
on the LSB-si.  I haven't browsed the SF task
setup recently (SF is extremely painful over
dialup, so I plead guilty to dragging my feet);
don't know if we're tracking this as well as 
we could.

So I guess here I'm thinking aloud about a list
of issues more than necessarily a list of things
we *have* to talk about today.

Please add to this email with any additional topics.  

* I've now got working xml for four packages that 
  I add to the si to support testing. Not sure
  these are exactly the right packages or versions,
  but it's a start (e2fsprogs - certainly required
  for a bootable system in any case; telnetd;
  syslog and pax). Are we ready to start building 
  the phase4 bits yet? 

* identifying all the pieces needed for all the types
  of testing - running lsb-runtime, the app battery,
  and running developers' software

* identifying what pieces are needed for a bootable
  -- bootloader ? (not everyone can use lilo, sigh)
  -- kernel
  -- boot scripts

* the lsb keystone package / initializing the rpm

* the LSB-si version (still says 1.1-1.2, does this
  scheme make sense?)

* dynamic linker search path not finding X libs

* PATH issues during build

* Shou Hua Wang's patches from PPC LSB-si work

* IA32 release requirements, schedule

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