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RE: Packages for SI

At 2002/8/7 07:32-0700  Wichmann, Mats D writes:
> > > Would you mind having a directory with the latest tarball 
> > unpacked on
> > > the ftp site? For those without fast internet access it takes a long
> > > time to download the whole thing.
> Amen to that (so I try to avoid the big download wherever possible!)
> > I do not control the contents of the ftp site.
> Stuart or I can set it up, if we decide how we want things
> laid out.  Somebody come up with a proposal for all the
> things we're talking about... source bits, binary bits,
> bundled, unbundled, etc.

Well I'd suggest a directory hierarchy something like (under pub/impl):

- binary
  - unpacked
  - archive
- source
  - unpacked
  - archive

To reduce clutter in directories move old versions of tarballs into
the archive directories as soon as new ones are put in. I'm not sure
if we really need an unpacked binary directory (though when on the end
of a wet string connection I find it easier to handle downloading a
bunch of reasonable sized files than one huge one - and being able to
browse is nice). The patches tarballs are small enough that I don't
think we need unpacked versions of them.


IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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