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LSB-si morning report

The view from here:

I've now got an LSB-conforming platform to run
the SI on top of, which means I *should* be able
to eliminate that as a source of errors (hmmm).

I've located several glibc patches from the
glibc cvs which improve standards conformance, 
eliminating the ftw, readv/writev (assuming the 
kernel *also* has the fixes for those), and other 

There's a patch (two lines changed) for fileutils
which eliminated the T.misc chown failure. Turns
out this was a known bug in the released fileutils
4.1 tarball.

Sean, I'll forward these two patches to you

The nice tests continue to fail which I don't
understand yet, it's as if the getpriority
call didn't work: the four failing tests all
come back with a zero for the priority instead
of what it should have been set to.

There are some syslog tests that fail when
run under the SI and not when run on the
native system, using the same syslogd binary.
I presume this is a library issue, but I haven't
found it.

getlogin continues to fail apparently due to
running on top of an already logged in terminal.
At some point I'll try running something like
sshd to enter the SI, but no time right now.

A setlocale test is Unresolved (really a fail,
but Unres because the failure is in a place the
test doesn't know what to do with it), I'm waiting 
for some expert advice on this one (I believe I
do know how to fix it, it would be removing
one character from a glibc file).

There is, I believe, one other fail and one
unresolved in the 32-bit LSB-si as I'm currently
running it.

I'm running an abbreviated test now, removing the
two signal tests (accounting for 160 minutes of
the total test time of 6:42), so I might have
a new result by the time of the call.


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