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a futher explanation of the package list

So I realized that some people here may not be as familiar with my
implementation as I am, so a further explanation may help.

The si I am working on is built on the Linux From Scratch (LFS) groups work. 
It started with their definition for LFS 3.2 and the nALFS (automated LFS) tool.
>From this we created a multi stage build process.

There is a bootstrap which compiles the bare essentials -- glibc, bash,
compiler, a few components -- statically and drops them in a directory.

We then have a phase2 which chroots ito the above directory and begins building
a Linux distribution.  It is mostly the LSB definition of what is required but
because it has to be self hosting there is also the build tools.  This is why
all of the compiler and library packages are there.  It is essentially LSB +
development system and could be used to create LSB compliant packages as a
development platform.  Nice when you can use waste products for something
useful (-:

phase3 is the actual LSB system.  It is built from within the phase2 system and
compiled much like RPM or DEBs are.  We compile them locally and do 'make
install DESTDIR=/path/to/real/location'.  So phase3 is ONLY what the LSB
requires plus any linux requirements.

Hope this helps.

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