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lsbdev 1.0.5

I've uploaded lsbdev 1.0.5 to ftp://ftp.freestandards.org/pub/lsb/lsbdev
The impl/lsbdev and src/lib CVS directories in Source Forge have been
tagged with lsb_dev_1_0_5.

I've managed to build the LSB test suites in the environment (linking
the non-LSB interfaces statically) and no longer consider the build
environment to be experimental. See the README file for more
information on how to statically link non LSB interfaces that reside
in LSB required shared libraries.

Main changes for this release are:

	* Update with new stub libraries. Works around several
          bugs in the LSB specification from which the stub libraries
          are generated
	* Fix for installation specific dirs
	* Cosmetic fixes for mounting (avoid // apearing in paths)
	  (Arnold Hayden)
	* Fix for bad homedir mounting error handling (Arnold Hayden)

IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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