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FYI...LSB BOF @ LinuxWorld Expo next week

We will be setting up a BOF for discussion of the LSB status, issues, specs,
etc.  It isn't posted yet, but it will be Wednesday @ 5:30-7:00 pm (the timeslot
for all BOFs)  Check the BOF board at the conference for meeting location.

Also, Andrew Josey will be giving a talk Wednesday morning from 9-10:15 entitled
"Linux Testing Remains Controversial"  Here's the abstract from the
LinuxWorldExpo website:

"This session describes the experience of developing the LSB-FHS
test suite, which tests the filesystem hierarchy aspects of the Linux
Standard Base, as defined in the FHS 2.0 specification. You will hear
the current LSB FHS test requirements, the test suite coverage and
the current status. The talk will cover the process for managing
disparate views on what should be tested, and how consensus is used
to identify issues in the underlying specifications and how to resolve
those issues. It will also include a review of the lessons learned during
the development process, and the changes made to the LSB and FHS
specifications based on user feedback of the test suite."

Check it out


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