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LSB BoF at SANE conference?

Hi all,

Finally I was able to give away most of my normal work load.
Now I am really looking forward to help in getting the LSB
implementation project going.

>From Wednesday to Friday I'll be at the SANE conference in
Maastricht to give a talk about COAS and thought the conference
might be a good occasion to set up a BoF session to meet and
talk about LSB with focus on implementation.

Anyone will be there? What do you think about that?

It is not my intention, to start a discussion outside the mailinglist,
I just see this additional opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts.
I will post a summary to the lsb-impl list on Sunday and hope this will
start the discussion here.

On the several LSB mailinglists some topics were discussed so far.
We came to an agreement on a few points, but some discussions
faded out without any or without a clear decision.

I have a fuzzy picture about the general status, so I started
writing a summary about what we wanted to discuss, what has
been discussed and what has been decided.
I'll need a few more hours to finish it.
If others are interested I can post it or make it available.

Back from Maastricht I will set up a WWW and FTP site to host
the LSB implementation. Because our bandwidth is very limited
and I need good access to the primary site, I would like to keep
the primary site here ;-)

The idea though is to make it act as a hidden primary,
and let the official site be something like


which mirrors it in very short intervals.

I promise to work hard to incorporate any work that's
uploaded as quick as possible into the primary site.

I want this implementation project to really work
as a "basaar style" open project and I hope that
many volunteers will help, both individuals or
people from distribution makers or other companies.

For the sake of this project, let's try to forget
who is working for which company.

Let's work together as a team to make this project
and the Linux vision happen.

Stay tuned


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