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Home Directory Clutter...


I have been trying in vain to discover if it is possible to change where apps
store their hidden files/folders that are currently installed into the root of
each users Home directory.

I finally have permission to start migrating our Win2K network over to Linux
(yay!), but this is one issue that has always bugged me about Linux (not
enough to keep me from switching, but I have already had support situations
where idiot users deleted some or all of these hidden files, then came crying
to me when stuff stopped working).

In Windows, I have always created a folder in each users home directory named
"system" which is where I placed all files/folders that were used by the
system.  I would like to do the same for Linux users, but don't think it is
possible at the moment, unless someone can point me to some variable that is
used by all apps for where to store their hidden files/folders.

My suggestion is for the creation of a variable for this purpose -
$HOME_HIDDEN or something like this, that all apps would use to install/store
their stuff, so that the users home directory would be virtually empty.  I
would strongly prefer a separate directory (/home/johnsmith for their docs,
/home/johnsmith_hidden for their hidden application files & directories), but
it would be a start to just have everything in one .system hidden directory
inside the home directory.

Thanks for your consideration...

Charles Marcus

p.s. as a temporary workaround, is there a system level solution for hiding
hidden files/directories from normal users, so that even if they enable 'View
Hidden Files' from their preferred file manager, they would still not see


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