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LSB face 2 face at Linux Symposium in Ottawa

Today (May 1st, 2002) is the last day of the discounted registration prices for
the Linux Symposium.  If you plan to attend the June 26th LSB face 2 face
meeting and the Linux Symposium, then you need to REGISTER TODAY.



For the LSB meeting we will mostly be talking about gLSB v1.3 (ie., C++) and
other things on our short term list.

George (gk4)

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Today (May 1) is the last day of the early registration prices.  We're
approaching 90% full and the hotel is selling out.

Thanks to everyone who has registered, now it is time to work on making
sure all those papers get in. :)

Andrew Hutton, 
C. Craig Ross,
Stephanie Donovan

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