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Re: new kid on the block

actually, i am not part of the solaris team.  i represent sun's business
appliance unit formerly known as Sun Cobalt.  our microservers are
running linux based on the redhat distribution.  we are currently working
on a sun linux distribution which will be lsb-comliant.

Dennis G. Tiu
Sustaining Software Engineer
Sun Microsystems
Server Appliance Business Unit
Mountain View, CA

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Matt Taggart wrote:

> dennis.tiu@sun.com writes...
> > how can we be of service?
> Lots of ways. I can only speak for the lsb-futures subcommittee
> http://www.linuxbase.org/futures/
> We would like Sun's input on some of the candidates we're looking at, in
> particular the gtk2 stuff since we know Sun has been working on this for
> Solaris. If you could point the right Sun people at this that would be
> great. We're hoping to implement the standard in a way that doesn't exclude
> implementation on non-Linux systems such as Solaris.
> Thanks,

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