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RE: User settings

I think that this is the way to go:

mkdir /etc/skel/myrealhome
mkdir $HOME/myrealhome
echo "cd $HOME/myrealhome" >> /etc/profile

Still will be nice if the FHS and LSB will
make a recommendation for the new programs
to store there settings in $HOME/.settings.

Best regards,

Emanuel Dejanu

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Emanuel Dejanu wrote:
> I have problems with how Linux keep program settings.
> If you use many programs then your home is full with
> lots of files and directories that you do not use,
> directly and then your home is a mess. What you think
> that inseteat of using $HOME/ to keep program settings
> to use $HOME/.settings/ directory ?

Nice idea, but why not try to walk before you run, and do 
something easy first, like chewing granite or shifting 
mountains ? 

Truth is that it is virtally impossible to eradicate at a 
stroke all programs which put personal preferences, settings,
start scripts etc. into $HOME, thus you end up with several
directories rather than just one that is a total mess.

It is a much easier - though not better - approach to just 
accept $HOME going messy and put the stuff you know and care 
about elsewhere.


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