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Re: extension of lsb packages

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Note that "ends in .lsb" is a much easier thing to tell people than
> "starts with lsb-, has another hyphen after that, and ends in .rpm".

Or worse, "starts with lsb-, ends in .rpm, is a v3 rpm, and depends on
lsb and nothing else", which is what I have found you really have to
look for right now to be assuered you have a lab package, and not any of

a) a source rpm for a lsb package
b) a package like lsb-tools that is not a lsb package, but just starts
   with lsb- because it has to do with the lsb
c) a package like debian's lsb-release.deb which someone has converted
   into a rpm using alien

Which is why I continue to say that if you want lsb packages to be
easily and mechanically detectable by programs like alien, and clearly
lsb packages to users, there needs to be a new extension, a change in
the file format like the one Erik Troan and I came up with or, preferably,

see shy jo, feeling that this thread has been going in circles lately

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