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Re: extension of lsb packages

Circa 2002-Mar-04 12:21:46 +1000 dixit Anthony Towns:

: The LSB spec doesn't provide any standard way to install a package, so
: "as per the LSB" isn't really appropriate, and that quality vendors will
: probably provide a simple (graphical) tool to do so, that matches their
: normal installation tools.
: Note also that the goal is to make every distribution LSB compliant, so
: that "LSB system" will be equivalent to "Linux system" and thus redundant.
: It's probably worth specing something like "LSB compliant vendors will
: include an easily locatable section in their documentation detailing
: precisely how to install LSB compliant packages on their system."

My point was that 'lsb-blah-ththth.lsb' is rather redundant.  Either
call packages 'lsb-blah-ththth.rpm' or 'blah-ththth.lsb'.  Both is too

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