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Re: sys_nerr

>From: "Wichmann, Mats D" <mats.d.wichmann@intel.com>

>Okay, folks, I seem to be having a dense period.
>I'm pretty sure I have known the answer to this once in
>a previous life.

>I've got an app I'm trying to compile in LSB mode.
>It builds a table of its' own (short) error messages, 
>not wanting to use strerror/perror for some reason
>I'm not aware of.

Not using perror() is a good idea ;-) as is does not what
you should like...

Not using strerror() is a really bad idea if it is present
on a specific platform.

Note that there are funny platforms like BeOS where valid
errno values cover a sparse range and use large negative values!

>Along the way it uses sys_nerr to help allocate
>a message table of the right size, and to determine 
>whether a message is in the internal table or should 
>be generated on-the-fly.

>Of course, sys_nerr is not a public symbol in the LSB.
>How would I work around this?

Call strerror() and check if it returns a NULL pointer.


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