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Re: Autocoding project proposal

Timothy Rue wrote:
> This posting is to introduce or suggest an open source software project
> to produce a core tool that will allow an autocoding environment to be
> developed...

Folks, a groups.google.com search shows that Timothy Rue has been
going off about this topic for some time.  To quote one response
from two years ago:

> From: "Mike Coppins" <antispam@if.you.want.to.email.me.ask.me.publicly.com>
> Subject: Re: AmigaOS: Another Linux distribution
> Date: 1999/07/17
> Message-ID: <7mqhn2$o9t$1@plutonium.btinternet.com>#1/1
> Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
> Timothy Rue wrote in message
> >Autocoding!!!!!! It's gonna, gotta happen to overcome the shit that is
> >comming down.
> Tim, you keep going on about this.  Either put a sock in it, or write the
> program that makes a system capable of autocoding.


- Dan

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