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Re: LSB 1.0 as it relates to Debian


Many of the test results are FIP result codes, which means that
Further Information needs to be Provided  in order to resolve
the result. These are not automatically failures.
This typically occurs when the test suite is unable to determine
the result for itself, in the FHS some examples of this are
where some files are optional dependent on whether a subsystem
is supported, since there is no automatic standard way to determine
which subsystems are installed FIP codes are generated.
Other cases will be generated by tests which get unexpected
compiler output such as warnings -- again these are not
automatically fails. Another example is the uname output.
For certification these tests would be resolved as appropriate

Btw, in your digested results files and summaries  it would
be most useful to keep the relevant test output and importantly
the result code in their too, otherwise  context is being lost


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