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Re: man pages

Michael Stone <mstone@cs.loyola.edu> wrote:

> The lsb is never going to go anywhere if people try to use it as a club
> to push their own pet projects. If your distribution of choice doesn't
> have man pages then complain to them--it's not part of the minimum set
> that the lsb *must* specify. Maybe after the more important issues are
> all resolved there will be time for things like mandating man pages and
> demystifying dotfiles.

These issues are important enough to debate right now.  Nobody says
"Stop all efforts and do not continue work on the LSB until
$myRequirement is in!!" -- but nonetheless, issues that are _currently_
not addressed by the LSB and that some people feel that _should- be
addressed still need to be discussed for possible future modifications
of the LSB.

The only thing I object to is the one argument that keeps coming up: The
LSB does not do it (right now), so we should not want to do it (in the
future).  That's no good.


Jan Schaumann 

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