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Re: (REPOST) user-specific package configuration information

> On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 08:20:28PM -0700, sandy pond wrote:
> > There are a few possibilities for new applications (linking,
> > shared directory), but in general the proposal provides that:
> >
> > (1) backward compatibility is maintained.
> > (2) developer can continue to use the status quo.
> >
> > This is guaranteed because the proposed scheme is optional.
And so that means you are changing everything so that nothing will
have to change?
In Italy this kind of approach is called "gattopardiano".

In the reality, if you want to introduce a change, then you have to think
to a transition phase, and then to cut down the old stuff.

But with your approach you are deisigning just a transition pahse to

I do not think that actually we can impose a cut with the tradicial
~/.- files, because there nothing to gain execpt of order, but
of course users should be ordered inside of their home directories, a
sysadmin cannot impose them to be.

I still see the big disadvantage with shared configuration files, and more
i do not see any gain with order because you will have symlinks instead of
files, and you have again what you wanted to avoid.

If i am not getting the point, please tell me.


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