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Re: (REPOST) user-specific package configuration information

On Wed, 04 July 2001, venom@DarkStar.sns.it wrote:

 Hi Luigi,

> Anyway, you will EVEN have to deal with traditional Unix 
> Application, and the tradizional way they do things.

Only if the traditional Unix application is distributed 
in a LSB compliant package and then only if the maintainer
and packager chooses to modify the application to follow 
the new recommendation for user-specific configuration
information (a recommendation is not mandatory).

The decision of whether to deal with this will be done
on a case-by-case basis by the package maintainer.

> So I am not thinking new applications are going to replace 
> so easily the good working traditional ones.

Not, in anyway, part of the proposal.

> Which kind of alternatives are you thinking to?

There are a few possibilities for new applications (linking, 
shared directory), but in general the proposal provides that:

(1) backward compatibility is maintained.
(2) developer can continue to use the status quo.

This is guaranteed because the proposed scheme is optional.

Best Regards, Keith Adamson

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